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vol.2 see all recipes I’ve put together a series of tasty recipes for healthy Japanese dishes that are simple to make, wherever in the world you might be. I hope you’ll enjoy mastering Japanese home cooking while learning how to use ingredients that are good for health and beauty.


ramenMany people outside Japan say ramen is their favorite Japanese dish. Even pre-packaged instant ramen noodles taste better than they used to, though you’d probably hesitate to describe them as being good for health and beauty. ramenBut don’t worry! In this issue, I’ll show you a top secret technique for getting that authentic ramen flavor from instant noodles, while boosting their beauty-promoting properties. The key ingredient is chicken wings. chicken wingsChicken wings are a popular dish, whether as an accompaniment to a few beers with friends or as a snack while watching the football. But did you know that chicken is rich in collagen, a protein with anti-aging properties that keeps our skin, bones, and eyes strong and beautiful? Boiling chicken releases not only collagen, but also a delicious broth, so in this recipe, we’ll make a collagen stock from lots of chicken wings, which we can then use to make umami-rich ramen that tastes like it was made by a pro. It’s really simple to make. Pour 1L of water into a pan and add 5 chicken wings, 100ml of sake, and a knob of ginger that has been peeled and sliced. Then just simmer on a low heat for an hour. Boiling chickenThe collagen will leach out of the bones and dissolve into the stock. Remove the bones, then strip the meat off them and return the meat to the stock. chickenThis stage takes a bit of time, but you can get on with something else while you wait. The stock keeps for about a month in the freezer, so you can make it in bulk to ensure you always have some available. If you use this collagen stock and team it with plenty of vegetables, you can turn ramen into a healthy dish without too much fat.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

Ingredients・Instant ramen noodles 1 pack ・Collagen stock 300ml ・Vegetables (cabbage, carrot, onion, green beans, etc.) 200g in total ・Egg 1


(1)Put the collagen stock and vegetables into a pan with 200ml of water and place on the heat. Method1(2)Once the vegetables have softened a little, add the noodles and the soup that accompanied them and boil for 3-5 minutes. Method2(3)Beat the egg and drop it into the pan to scramble it. Method3(4)Put it all into a large bowl and it’s ready to eat! ramen TEXT,PHOTO/SUGI AKATSUKI see all recipes Profile:SUGI AKATSUKI Graduate of the University of Tokyo. Researches culinary culture and foods that promote longevity and beauty. Studied basic medical science and life science at university. After studying organic food and Kushi macrobiotics, she began to conduct culinary research independently. Her motto is “simple ways to stay beautiful.” Her specialty is healthy dishes ideal for the busy woman of today. She also teaches yoga and has a popular blog(http://saqai.com/).
食文化研究家、長寿美容食研究家。東京大学農学部卒業後、同大学院医学系研究科に進学。基礎医学、栄養学、発酵学、微生物学などを学ぶ。現在、世界中の食文化を研究しながら、各メディアで活躍している。女子SPA!連載から生まれた海外向け電子書籍『Healthy Japanese Home Cooking』(英語版)好評発売中。著書『やせるパスタ31皿』(日本実業出版社)が発売中。Instagram:@sugiakatsuki/Twitter:@sugiakatsuki12
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