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vol.10 see all recipes I’ve put together a series of tasty recipes for healthy Japanese dishes that are simple to make, wherever in the world you might be. I hope you’ll enjoy mastering Japanese home cooking while learning how to use ingredients that are good for health and beauty.

The World’s Healthiest Fast Food

OchazukeOchazuke is a rice dish that’s ideal when you’re only slightly hungry or just want something light to round off a meal. Basically consisting of piping hot green tea poured over cooked rice, this quick and easy meal has been a popular dish on Japanese dining tables for more than 200 years. The green tea that is the “ocha” in ochazuke is rich in a polyphenol called catechin, which has a number of health-promoting effects, including anti-cancer effects, fat-burning effects, and anti-bacterial effects. There are three key points to remember in order to enhance these effects. (1) Use powdered green tea, rather than expensive gyokuro green tea. green tea Cheap powdered green tea, which consists of tea leaves ground into a powder, contains more catechin than top of the range gyokuro and other higher-grade green teas containing leaves and stems. Make the tea by putting a generous quantity of green tea into a tea strainer or infuser and pouring hot (but not boiling) water over it. (2) Choose ingredients with an anti-aging effect. ingredientsChoose ingredients that are effective in promoting health and beauty, including those rich in antioxidants and those with an anti-bacterial effect. (3) Eat with an orange or satsuma orange. orange.Eating this meal with an orange or satsuma orange – fruits that are rich in vitamin A – will make it easier for your body to absorb the green tea catechin. If you want tasty ochazuke without the effort, I recommend ochazuke-no-moto (dried instant ochazuke broth). You can use this as a base and just add a healthy ingredient to it. If you’re visiting Japan, take a trip to a supermarket and choose from the wide array of ochazuke-no-moto products to take home as a souvenir. ochazuke-no-moto

Ingredients (each variation serves 1 person)

IngredientsCooked rice 1 bowlful Green tea 1 potful Toppings ◎Salmon chazuke Salted salmon (grilled), dried nori (laver), wasabi, senbei rice crackers  ◎Umé (Japanese apricot) chazuke Uméboshi (salted Japanese apricot), shiso (Perilla frutescens; cut into strips), senbei rice crackers ◎Natto (fermented soybeans) chazuke Natto, takuan (pickled daikon radish; cut into strips), dried nori (laver), aonori (green, powdered nori)


Pile the cooked rice into a rice bowl, then cut the toppings into bite-sized pieces and place them on the rice. All you need to do then is pour piping hot green tea over it and it’s ready. Gradually dissolve the wasabi as you eat, savoring the aroma. Salmon chazuke OchazukeChoose salmon with bright red flesh. Umé (Japanese apricot) chazuke Umé (Japanese apricot) chazukeYou can use sesame seeds or mitsuba (Japanese parsley) if you don’t have shiso. Natto (fermented soybeans) chazuke Natto (fermented soybeans) chazukeThis is surprisingly easy to eat, because the tea removes the characteristically pungent smell of the fermented soybeans. chazukeBy SUGI AKATSUKI see all recipes Profile:SUGI AKATSUKI Graduate of the University of Tokyo. Researches culinary culture and foods that promote longevity and beauty. Studied basic medical science and life science at university. After studying organic food and Kushi macrobiotics, she began to conduct culinary research independently. Her motto is “simple ways to stay beautiful.” Her specialty is healthy dishes ideal for the busy woman of today. She also teaches yoga and has a popular blog(http://saqai.com/).
食文化研究家、長寿美容食研究家。東京大学農学部卒業後、同大学院医学系研究科に進学。基礎医学、栄養学、発酵学、微生物学などを学ぶ。現在、世界中の食文化を研究しながら、各メディアで活躍している。女子SPA!連載から生まれた海外向け電子書籍『Healthy Japanese Home Cooking』(英語版)好評発売中。著書『やせるパスタ31皿』(日本実業出版社)が発売中。Instagram:@sugiakatsuki/Twitter:@sugiakatsuki12
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